Micro/Nanoengineered Platforms for Cell Mechanobiology

Microenvironmental mechanical cues influence diverse cellular processes, such as cell migration, cell morphology, and stem cell fate decisions. In our lab, we use mechanical engineering methods and micro/nanofabrication processes to create novel technologies at scales that are biologically relevant and advantageous for studying and controlling cellular functions.

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MicroSpring Arrays for Tri-Axial Substrate Control

This project is a collaboration between the M3B Lab and Prof. Shoji Takeuchi’s Biohybrid System Laboratory at the University of Tokyo. For this project, we create arrays of microSprings to facilitate user- control over the “tri-axial” stiffness of discrete, microscale substrate features for cellular applications. In contrast to micropost arrays, which are inherently limited to “bi-axial” stiffness control, microSpring arrays enable researchers to geometrically tune the x-, y-, and z-axis stiffness of each microSpring.


Selected Publications

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